Water reuse evaluation for zero liquid discharge at manufacturing facility

About this project

Confidential client
$80,000 (Barr's fees)
completion date

To increase plant water efficiency and move towards zero liquid discharge (ZLD) while continuing to provide a reliable water system at a manufacturing facility, a confidential client hired Barr to perform an in-depth water system evaluation and recommend improvements. After modeling their water usage and distribution network, our recommendations included reducing source-water withdrawal reductions, adding internal water treatment and reuse, and repurposing water discharges from the facility. We also developed a multi-phase implementation plan to construct the needed improvements to their infrastructure that would avoid disruption of plant operations.

Barr reviewed operating procedures and record drawings of more than 20 building connections, 18 booster pumps, seven storage tanks, and two treatment systems to develop a new conceptual recycle water treatment and supply system to meet facility needs. A hydraulic model was used to confirm pump operation, tank water levels, and system pressures. The project deliverables included conceptual drawings of the system, operational parameters, and a construction cost estimate. The facility hopes to implement these projects in the future to reduce their source water withdrawal and discharge and increase their operational resiliency and risk.

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Key team members

Bailey Hadnott

Environmental Engineer

Michelle Stockness

Vice President
Senior Civil/Environmental Engineer

Don Richard

Vice President
Senior Civil Engineer

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