What sets us apart

At Barr, you’ll do your best work and make a lasting impact as you contribute to a collaborative, caring culture. Our minimal-hierarchy structure will help your colleagues hear and value your voice—from day one. You’ll choose to work on the projects that best match your skills and passions. We believe this unique approach results in a special dynamic with our clients: We've joined project teams because we want to be part of them, and we’re deeply invested in our clients’ success. The result is mutual wins for our clients and for you as a professional.

Balancing community and independence

Our unique blend of teamwork and individual accountability sets our culture apart. Rather than having a typical top-down hierarchy, Barr is built around project teams that change from one project to the next. With our “free market” approach to staffing projects, you’ll have the power to pursue your individual passions—while still contributing to Barr’s close-knit community and company goals.

While some roles may be more traditionally structured (such as finance or human resources), we encourage an enterprising attitude and offer opportunities for employees to engage in meaningful projects that match our interests.


Origins of Barr's company philosophy

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We conscientiously tried to avoid making rules or decisions which would force people into a preconceived standard mold as opposed to letting them be themselves … The loose organization also makes it easier for an individual to be in charge of their own destiny and their own career because there is some choice … to select the types of work which are the most satisfying.

Doug Barr, Founder

Fostering broad ownership and inclusiveness

As an employee-owned firm in which no one owns more than a single percent of the company, a culture of inclusiveness and openness is at our core. We strive to give you the tools to thrive and find your voice within our organization. Employee ownership is offered shortly after you join the company—along with resources to help you understand Barr’s strategy, performance, and how to contribute to our success. When it comes to long-term planning, you’ll have the opportunity to provide input on major decisions that affect our company and our employees.

2022 employee engagement survey

Employee engagement

“I can see a clear link between my work and Barr’s vision.”

13.9 % above WSA global average

"I would gladly recommend Barr as a place to work to people I know and respect."

22.7% above WSA global average

"I feel that I am part of a team."

12.2% above WSA global average



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