We know that learning doesn’t stop when you get your degree and that most professional development occurs on the job as you face real challenges and solve real problems. At Barr you'll have opportunities to work with and learn from experienced engineers, scientists, and technical professionals. We also provide targeted programs to foster development at all stages of your career. 


New-employee support helps everyone get off to a good start. Sponsors answer questions and help you get situated. Orientation sessions bring everyone up to speed, and monthly lunch meetings address specific topics and concerns.

Coaching and mentoring

Coaching and mentoring programs provide you with a coach to assist with career development and, if you'd like one, a mentor with whom you can discuss larger career and life issues. Barr’s coaching program helps you set short- and long-term goals and figure out how to best achieve them.

Training and education

We believe investing in our employees’ development makes us stronger. Barr provides learning and professional development opportunities through internal classes, webinars, workshops, and panel discussions. Topics include everything from technical and regulatory issues to interpersonal and leadership skills to business development and project management. We also support self-directed, individual education. A personal annual budget allows you to attend seminars and conferences, pursue an advanced degree, or get career-related training. Relevant and timely conversations with colleagues, which are at the heart of our feedback program, promote your personal and professional growth.