Rob Morrison

Rob Morrison

Rob has nearly 35 years of experience with water resources and environmental engineering. His background encompasses water permitting, water quality, total maximum daily load (TMDL) studies, anti-degradation procedures, and compliance assistance, as well as waste management and RCRA corrective action.

Rob has assisted clients with NPDES permit renewals for sites ranging from coal-combustion power plants to municipal wastewater-treatment facilities. He has also led domestic wastewater and industrial-water-treatment design projects. Before he joined Barr, Rob spent 24 years at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, where he led the RCRA Permits and Corrective Action Section and then the Water Pollution Control Branch.



Vice President
Senior Water Resources Engineer


Professional Engineer (AR, MO, NE)


BS, Petroleum Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology


Barr Engineering Co.
1001 Diamond Ridge
Suite 1100
Jefferson City, MO 65109
Phone: +1 573-638-5025

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