John Kubiak

John Kubiak

John has over two decades of experience with geographic information systems (GIS). His work includes data management, mobile data application development and deployment, collection and processing of unmanned aircraft system (UAS, or drone) data, field data processing, watershed modeling and analysis, and detailed cartography services for clients’ reporting and permitting needs. 

John is Barr’s technical lead for drone technology research, development, and education. He became a Federal Aviation Administration-certified (Part 107) small UAS pilot in May 2018 and has flown dozens of projects, collecting nadir and oblique imagery and video for inspection, construction observation, and topographic surveys.



Reality Capture Technology Coordinator


Remote Pilot Part 107 Certificate


AAS, Vermilion Community College


Barr Engineering Co.
325 South Lake Avenue
Suite 700
Duluth, MN 55802
Phone: +1 218-529-7153

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