Garrett Bayrd

Garrett Bayrd

Garrett has nearly two decades of experience as an engineering geologist, specializing in data analysis; installation and monitoring of geotechnical, structural, hydrologic, and seismic instruments; data telemetry; data flow management; database design; Python programming; and data visualization. He began his career as a project geologist, logging and mapping soil and rock deposits and creating cross-sections and boring logs. He later transitioned to a role as an instrumentation specialist, installing and supervising the installation of instruments for dams, tunnels, landslides, and other sites. His most recent work has involved managing geotechnical and instrumentation data, automating tasks by writing Python programs, and investigating and analyzing large instrumentation data sets.



Senior Engineering Geologist


Barr Engineering Co.
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Minneapolis, MN 55435
Phone: +1 952-832-2904

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